The Beacon

The Beacon

Dearest Easter People of St. John’s,

As Easter people, we choose to make the choice for God…

Friends, we enter that time of year that celebrates our young people and the commitment they have given to church school/Confirmation.  We have experienced a meaningful year in BLAST and Confirmation.  You can see the evidence of that by simply looking at the faces of our students.  You certainly saw the evidence of that in Worship last Sunday with our Confirmands leadership and open heart.  The good news is, they have more to offer you in the upcoming Sundays. 

It’s true, the church has changed when it comes to youth and our church school programs.  There are specific reasons for that which are out of our control.  I will seek to explain that a bit in the upcoming weeks.  However, when a Christ-centered church stays focused on our gifts from God, we project a joy that is contagious.  Our young people are in tune with this (they can feel it from you!) and thus, want to be part of it, too!  Each of us has a responsibility to accept our forgiveness in Christ, pray for ourselves and one another, and honor the keeping of Jesus’ commandment to love one another as he loved us.  This simple focus will attract those who are deeply searching for the type of meaning in life that is beyond our human expectation, and only can come from a relationship with the Divine, Itself. 

Accept that you are a loved branch of the Divine Vine.

See you in Worship, 

Love Pastor Judine