The Beacon

The Beacon

Dear SJC,

“Don’t you dare run away!” I smile as I say this to all of you… I’m mindful that summer is peaking and we also just Confirmed our three Confirmation students—now, official members of St. John’s UCC! Confirmed students tend to wander off the church grid once they’re Confirmed; as do church members when the summer calendar rolls around. This custom reminds me of “senior skip-out day,” where high school seniors skip school on a day near the end of the school year. Perhaps your generation called it something else, like, Senior Cut Day or Ditch Day. Back in 1980, my high school senior class organized an all-skip-out day for seniors and we went to Lake Winnebago and went swimming (cold!) and had a picnic. We could have died from hypothermia. We then went bar-hopping like a bunch of idiots.

With that, it seems that no good can come from senior skip-out day; likewise, ultimately no good can come from withdrawing from Sunday Worship too often, right? In the words of preacher and author, Dwight Moody, “Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood to a sick man.” I’m a big fan of Dwight Moody because he also said, “I have never met a person who has given me as much trouble as myself.” (My senior skip-out day was evidence of that!)

Yes, friends, Jesus retreated for prayer and renewal. We must too. As you enjoy your summer and vacations, or stay-cations, remember your church. We miss you when you’re not here…we also don’t want you getting into any trouble when church skip-out Sundays come around.

Love Pastor Judine