Fellowship and Committees

brotherhoodSt. John’s Brotherhood
First Monday of the Month September – May
The Brotherhood is a men’s fellowship organization of St. John’s that meets 10 times a year. The Brotherhood hosts St. John’s Annual Swiss Steak Dinner held every year on the Sunday following Easter.

Altar Guild
First Tuesday of the each month September – May
The Altar Guild keeps the Sanctuary decorated for all church holidays. Flowers can be ordered to be placed on the altar for any special occasion. If you are interested in purchasing flowers, Janet Sommerfeldt will take your order at 920.452.9800. The Altar Guild also prepares the communion elements for worship every first Sunday and Thursday of the month.

Endowment Committee
The Endowment Committee manages the endowment funds of the church.

Finance Committee
Second Monday of the Month at 9:00 am
It is the purpose of the Finance Committee to be responsible for proper receipt of all church contributions, keeping the church’s records and distributing the church’s assets in accordance with the Annual Budget.

Long Ranger Planning Committee
Identify the needs and opportunities of St. John’s UCC beyond a one year horizon and plan for them.

Memorial Committee
It is the purpose of the memorial committee to administer all Memorial monies received by the church and to insure that monies are used in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Mission Committee
The purpose of the Mission Committee is to educate the congregation in opportunities for mission benevolence, outreach, OCWM, OGHS or social action. The committee is responsible for providing opportunities for the financial support of mission projects.

Mothers ‘N Others
First Monday of the Month September – May
Mothers ‘N Others is a group of women who address certain needs of St. John’s and do projects that benefit the church and the congregation. Our major fundraiser is our Annual Christmas Cookies and Candy Sale.

Property Committee
The Property Committee keep St. John’s, it’s ground and the parsonage looking need and tidy.

St. John’s Christmas Committee
October – December
St. John’s Christmas Service Committee helps provide Christmas gifts for families in the community. Last year they helped 29 families with toys and gifts for Christmas. Thanks to the donations from the congregation.

Pizza Fund Raiser
One time per year
Pizza fund raising has bee a great way to raise funds for many church needs as well to raise funds to help the community. In the past years funds have been raised for; mission trips, OCWM, Community outreach, Tech project, and teen room projects.

St. John’s Scrip
Selling Scrip gift cards at every Thursday & Sunday Service
Selling scrip cards is an excellent fund raiser for St. John’s. By purchasing gift cards at a reduced price and selling them at full face value it allows our members and friends to contribution to the church with every purchase.