Tummultous Tuesday

Almost 1990 years ago, Jesus and the disciples spent Tuesday in the Temple grounds confronting people and being confronted by Pharisees, Sadducees and skeptics and faithful pilgrims. Of all the single days in Jesus ministry, we have more words from this day that any other single day. This Tuesday is worth pausing to think about.

Today voters in Milwaukee waited up to 2.5 hours to cast their votes, those of us who had voted by absentee ballot were called cheaters by the President of our country and fear of an invisible enemy fils streets, homes, stores and closes Church buildings. This is a day to Pause and think about too.

In both of these days, God was at work. In both of these days God’s love overpowers all enemies. I both of these days God was a work for you and me. You may say sure we know that about Jesus life time but how can you say this about today ?

I can say that because God the Spirit is using this viral outbreak to push the Christian Church in some places kicking and screaming into the 21st century to present the Gospel message to people who have become to separated by `things’ and `schedules’ to find a way to be connected to each other.

The Church will never be the same but it will be better and perhaps more personally committed to forging connections with each other and we seek to bring God’s love into the lives of people everywhere.

Will you ride it out with me, the Tummultous Tuesday?