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  • Tummultous Tuesday
    Almost 1990 years ago, Jesus and the disciples spent Tuesday in the Temple grounds confronting people and being confronted by Pharisees, Sadducees and skeptics and faithful pilgrims. Of all the […]
  • Holy Week
    Hello all!I need to apologize for not being on this space for so long. Our common acquaintance corvid-19 seems to be the impetus for me to resume what I should […]
  • Change
    The single constant in life is …change.  We all woke up to change this morning and saw it all day long.  As the Psalmist reminds us, God is never sleeping […]
  • Winter?
    Our memories play tricks on us. The air smells like Spring, the Robbins are here, the Cardinals have changed their song and it isn’t even Spring training yet.   Our […]
  • Thoughts. ….
    With the very spring like weather in the middle of February,  I am reminded of the phrase use so often by Lt. Daryl of the Salvation Army,  “God is good […]