Holy Week

Hello all!
I need to apologize for not being on this space for so long. Our common acquaintance corvid-19 seems to be the impetus for me to resume what I should never have stopped, sharing thoughts on this space.

Today I need to share my thoughts with you on Holy Week. for the first time in 42 years of ministry i have entered a Holy Week which will involve no public services. No joint worship with other Christians or deeply moving encounters with fellow believers as we head toward the Open Tomb. It is really different.

Like all of you it is a lonely time, and uncharted journey and an time to look back and reflect on so many Holy Weeks of the past.

But looking back I believe thought too many times that the journey of Holy Week was to the Cross not to the Open Tomb. I know now that I was very wrong. Christ journey was never interrupted, not even by the cross. He walked in love directly to the Empty and Open Tomb so that you and I would understand the incredible power of God’s Love us. This week with all of its ups and downs was a journey forged in love, filled with love and meant to show the entire world God’s love for all of creation.

I hope that you will walk with me this week as I follow Jesus steps of love to the Empty and Open Tomb that we call Easter

Pastor Greg